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Image for Attends Briefs 10 Bariatric
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Item No.SizeWaist Units
AHP DD60XXX-Large 70 - 90"32

Attends Briefs 10 Bariatric

Heavy to Severe Absorbency
Image for Attends with Waistband
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Item No.SizeWaistUnits
24899Medium32 - 44"44
24900Large44 - 58"36

Attends with Waistband

Heavy Absorbency
Image for Attends DermaDry Complete Briefs
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Item No.SizeWaistUnitsPrice
37734Medium32 - 44"96$64.96
37735Regular44 - 56"80$72.13
37736Large44 - 58"72$64.93
37737X-large58 - 63"60$64.93

Attends DermaDry Complete Briefs

Heavy to Severe Absorbency
Image for Attends Protective Underwear
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Item No.SizeWaistWeight UnitsPrice
AHP APP0710Small22 - 36"80 - 125 Ibs80$62.50
AHP APP0720Medium34 - 44"125 - 175 lbs80$59.58
AHP APP0730Large44 - 58"170 - 210 lbs72$64.96
AHP APP0740X-large58 - 68"210 + lbs 56$59.58

Attends Protective Underwear

Moderate to Heavy Absorbency
Image for Attends Shaped Pads
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Item No.DescriptionPad Size UnitsPrice
AHP SPSSuper24.5"72$62.50
AHP SPDPDay Plus24.5"96$64.96
AHP SPNTDay Regular24.5"96$108.25

Attends Shaped Pads

"Thank you Mike. I donít know from where youíre shipping, but itís blazingly fast. Got the box at noon today, less than 24 hours after the order. Same thing last time. Much appreciated." Allan from Toronto
"Wow! This is what I mean by great service. Your reply arrived almost immediately." Brian from Mississauga
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They just arrived! Will try for sizing and let you know.
Awesome service and speed.
Many thanks," Chris from St. Johns