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Image for Tranquility Swimmates
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Item No.DescriptionSizeUnits
TRQ 2844Small22" to 36" w/h88
TRQ 2845Medium34" to 48" w/h80
TRQ 2846Large44" to 54" w/h72
TRQ 2847X-large48" to 66" w/h56
TRQ 2848XX-large62" to 80" w/h48

Tranquility Swimmates

Image for Tranquility Premium DayTime
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Item No.DescriptionSizeCapacityQuantity
2105Medium34-48" 740 ml72
2106Large44-54" 740 ml64
2107X-large48-66" 740 ml56

Tranquility Premium DayTime

Image for Tranquility Premium OverNight
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Item No.DescriptionSizeCapacityQuantityPrice
2113X-Small17-28" 20 OZ88$105.77
2114Small22-36" 20 OZ80$105.77
2115tMedium34-48" 34 OZ72$97.62
2116Large44-54" 34 OZ64$97.62
2117X-large48-66" 34 OZ56$97.62
2118XX-large62-80" 34 OZ48$97.62

Tranquility Premium OverNight

Image for Tranquility Slimline Original Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.DescriptionCapacity QuantityPrice
2112Junior10 OZ120$78.26
2166tYouth11 OZ100$77.63
2120Small13 OZ100$84.01
2122Medium20 OZ96$98.15
2132Large21 OZ96$118.66
2134X-large24 OZ72$118.66

Tranquility Slimline Original Briefs

Image for Tranquility Smartcore Breathable Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.DescriptionSizeCapacityQuantityPrice
2311SCSmall24-32" 18 OZ100$100.39
2312SCMedium32-44" 24 OZ96$114.42
2313SCLarge45-58"27 OZ96$122.44
2314SCX-large56-64"29 OZ72$122.44
2315SCXX-large60-80"29 OZ32$103.21

Tranquility Smartcore Breathable Briefs

Image for Tranquility Hi-Rise Bariatric Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.Description SizeCapacityUnits
TRA 2192Hi-Rise Bariatric 64-96"34 OZ32

Tranquility Hi-Rise Bariatric Briefs

Image for Tranquility XL+ Bariatric Brief
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Item No.DescriptionSizeCapacity Units
TRA 2190XL+ Bariatric64-90"1005 ml32

Tranquility XL+ Bariatric Brief

Image for Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Briefs
(Select Size)
Item No.DescriptionSizeCapacity UnitsPrice
TRA 2183X-Small18-26"18 OZ100$94.08
TRA 2184Small24-32"22 OZ100$103.82
TRA 2185Medium32-44" 27 OZ96$118.65
TRA 2186Large45-58"33 OZ96$126.76
TRA 2187X-large56-64"34 OZ72$126.76

Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Briefs

Image for Tranquility Air-Plus Underpad
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeCapacity UnitsPrice
TRA 270923" x 36"29 OZ40$61.21
TRA 271030" x 36"34 OZ40$88.17

Tranquility Air-Plus Underpad

Image for Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpad
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Item No.SizeCapacity Units
TRA 208830" x 36"34 OZ60

Tranquility Heavy-Duty Underpad

Image for Peach Sheet Underpad
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Item No.SizeCapacity Units
TRA 207421.5 x 32.5"34 OZ96

Peach Sheet Underpad

Image for Tranquiltiy Super-Plus Liner
(Select Size)
Item No.SizeCapacity Units
TRA 207914" x 32" 27 OZ96

Tranquiltiy Super-Plus Liner

"Package received. Thanks once again for the great service.
" Ed from Mississauga
"Great service! Looking forward to receiving the rest of the order whenever it comes into stock. I really appreciate the phone advice (and samples). A great experience, thanks!" Mark from Toronto
"I wanted to send this as a HUGE thank you for the service your company provides. To call at 4:30 and to get the order by 9:20 this morning was such a surprise......and a relief. " Alyssa from Brampton