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Ostomy Irrigation

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Image for Assura Sleeve
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Item No.Coupling SizeUnits
COL 128352"5
COL 128362 3/8"5

Assura Sleeve

Image for New Image Irrigator Sleeve
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Item No.FlangePouch Length ColourUnitsPrice
HOL 181521 3/4"3"White 5$36.46
HOL 181532 1/4"3"White 5$40.78
HOL 181542 3/4"3"White 5$40.78

New Image Irrigator Sleeve

Image for Hollister Irrigator Sleeve
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Item No.SizeUnitsPrice
HOL 77282"20$70.83
HOL 77243"20$73.07

Hollister Irrigator Sleeve

Image for CenterPointlock Irrigator Sleeve
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Item No.FlangePouch LengthColourUnitsPrice
HOL 38271 1/2"3"White 5$43.26
HOL 38221 3/4"3"White 5$43.26
HOL 38232 1/4"3"White 5$38.71
HOL 38242 3/4"3"White 5$43.26
HOL 38264"3"White 5$43.26

CenterPointlock Irrigator Sleeve

Image for Natura Visi-Flow Irrigation Sleeve
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Item No.SizeUnitsPrice
SQU 4019111 1/2"5$40.08
SQU 4019121 3/4"5$35.59
SQU 4019132 1/4"5$35.59

Natura Visi-Flow Irrigation Sleeve

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