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Product Type: Skin & Wound
Gender: Unisex
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Item No.SizeUnitsPrice
MOL 2810004cm x 5cm 10$39.14
MOL 2811005cm x 12.5cm 5$23.25
MOL 2812007.5cm x 7.5cm5$28.10
MOL 28130010cm x 10cm5$34.13
MOL 28150015cm x 15cm5$60.13
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Mepilex® Border Lite is a thin all-in-one foam dressing with Safetac® designed to create an optimal healing environment for low-exuding acute or chronic wounds such as diabetic wounds or postoperative wounds. Mepilex Border Lite dressings with Safetac minimizes patient pain and wound or skin damage at dressing changes.


• Skin tears

• Leg and foot ulcers

• Pressure ulcers

• Traumatic wounds

• Painful wounds

• Wounds with compromised and/or fragile peri-wound skin Mepilex® Border Lite is intended for wounds with minimal to low exudate. Mepilex® Border Lite can be used as a primary dressing on non to low exudating wounds. Mepilex® has selective microadherent properties which makes it self adherent. Mepilex® Border Lite is ideal for pediatric applications.


1. Gently cleanse the wound; dry surrounding skin. (Mepilex® Border Lite will not adhere to a moist surface.)

2. Choose a dressing size that will allow the adherent border to overlap the wound area by at le ast 2 cm.

3. Remove the release film and lay absorbent foam pad over wound area. Gently smooth adherent border in place. Do not stretch.

4. Mepilex® Border Lite can remain in place for up to 7 days depending on drainage and wound condition.

Molnlycke Product Codes
Size Units Product Code
4cm x 5cm 10/box 281000
5cm x 12.5cm 5/box 281100
7.5cm x 7.5cm 5/box 281200
10cm x 10cm 5/box 281300
15cm x 15cm 5/box 281500
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